Whitening Anti-Aging Care with ASTALIFT

by - Sunday, October 07, 2018

Did you know that Fujifilm has a beauty and skincare line? I certainly did not until I attended the recent beauty talk by ASTALIFT and The Sample Store.

ASTALIFT aims to achieve “Photogenic Beauty”, projecting beauty from an inner shine that gives you a strong presenceDecades of experience in the industry of film and photography since Fujifilm's beginnings in the 1930s, has seen the harvesting of technology transferred into the cultivation of key ingredients into the development of a new beauty line - ASTALIFT.

Participants at the workshop were introduced to the ASTALIFT WHITE Series which included star products such as the Clear Treatment, Bright Lotion and White Essence just to name a few. 

The critical Nano Astaxanthin ingredient unique to ASTALIFT WHITE series products promise to boost collagen production in preventing skin pigmentation with skin firming benefits, The Clear Treatment for example feels lightweight without the sticky afterfeel.

Jason Wong, Regional Trainer of ASTALIFT, also shared 5 simple steps to achieve brighter skin!
Step 1: Clear clogged pores with ASTALIFT White Clear Treatment

Exfoliates dull skin
Improves skin absorption
Evens out skin tone
Eliminates black and white heads

Step 2: Eliminate dullness using the ASTALIFT White Bright Lotion
 RP: $64
Restores skin brilliance
Super anti-oxidize skin
Moisturises, hydrates and protects your skin
Improves skin function

Step 3: Infiltrate dark spots with ASTALIFT White Essence Infilt 

RP: $115
Promotes skin brilliance
Super anti-oxidize skin
Moisturises, hydrates and protects skin
Diffuses dark spots

Step 4: Make sure to have optimal sun protection with ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution

RP: $72
Efficacy proven
Sunscreen technology
Maximum broad spectrum protection
Can be used as a makeup base
With a UV sensor cap that turns from white to purple when it detects UV

Step 5: Take the ASTALIFT White Shield Drink for internal sun protection. 
What if having external UV protection and whitening prevention is not enough? 
How about boosting your inner UV protection level with the White Shield Drink. Containing 4mg of Nano Astaxanthin which protects the skin from harmful UV rays, derived from FUJIFILM's proprietary technology, the small molecules allow for easy absorption and tasted yummy in lemon and peach flavor. 
None of the fishy smell associated with collagen drink.
I absolutely love it and you should try too!

Check out the ASTALIFT WHITE Series here!

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