BURGER KING - Double Rendang Beef Burger and Hainanese Tendergrill™ Chicken Burger

by - Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Need a spice up from your mundane work week?

At BURGER KING®, the rendang sauce paired with the Double Rendang Beef burger delivers a hearty bite of the double flame-grilled beef patties topped with the signature rendang sauce and fresh onions that add a crunch to it and served on toasted sesame seed buns. This delicious recipe also offers the choice of another of Burger King®’s signatures, the TendergrillTM chicken thigh patty. 

Paying tribute to the Hainanese chicken rice as one of the true blue tastes of Singapore, BURGER
KING® brings back the Hainanese TendergrillTM Chicken burger. It holds a perfectly flame-grilled
chicken thigh patty, generously layered in savoury ginger sauce and garlic chilli for a flavourful kick, and topped with fresh and crispy lettuce, all tucked in between toasted sesame seed buns. I truly voted for this and gave it an 80% similarity. It can be a bit too salty though, so spare that ginger sauce.

The BURGER KING® combo meal for two is available at S$17.90, comprising the following:
• Two burgers (select between the Double Rendang Beef burger, the Rendang
Chicken TendergrillTM, or the Hainanese Chicken TendergrillTM
• One pack of fries (large)
• Four pieces of Mexican Drumlets
• Two cups of Coca Cola® Zero (small)

For more information on BURGER KING® and its current promotions, please visit www.burgerking.com.sg.

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