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Want to know more about life in Singapore? The #MadAboutSingapore2016 exhibition currently ongoing will give you a glimpse of everyday lives, street photography, landscapes etc. 

And I am really honored to have one of my photos picked by InstaSg for the #madaboutSingapore2016 photo display. Bragging rights! ( Kidding).

Nonetheless, I am really thankful for the opportunity and extremely delighted to have my first mini display amidst the other very experienced and professional photographers and instagrammers. From 17th to 23rd October, the exhibit will be roving to Westgate and from 24th to 30th October to Tampines Mall.  
Catch the exhibit before it's gone!

Here's my selected pic from my IG @jiahuimuses, taken along Joon Koon Road. These colorful colonial house makes a great cheer to anyone's day. It was just a coincidence that I managed to capture a lady on the bike and another with an umbrella which makes the photo more interesting and engaging.
These little ordinary scenes convey the daily lives we see yet didn't pay much attention to, all too often. 

An initiative by InstaSG and co-organised by National Youth Council (NYC) this exhibition brings instagramers together in showcasing what Singapore is through different eyes. It's really about celebrating local culture, food, landscape and the people on this island.
Our identity.

Proud to mention that more than 14,000 pictures were submitted and only 100 were selected in this exhibition with a curated panel of influential instagrammers.
Together, we build the Singapore identity, so support local talents! 

At the opening launch of the exhibition on 1 Oct at Raffles City, Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth was there to grace the event.  Awards were also given out to 6 instagrammers of the year @leotomatic, @deebawr, @freedreamer,, @lkkben and @j9ryl and I have to say if you head on to their IG, each of their feeds bears unique characteristic pertaining to their own style of photography and it's all very inspiring. 

Moving on, I hope to continue to capture the heart and soul of everyday lives and provide hints of inspirations everywhere, be it in Singapore or overseas. 

You too can try your hands on capturing the streets and lives of people! The important thing is to put your heart and think of what you are trying to convey through your pictures. Let your pictures tell the story. That's just my little thoughts.

Oh yes, please follow me on IG via @jiahuimuses for all my latest snaps and shots of everything at all! 
Big thanks~~

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