Breeze Through Car Rentals in Japan With Tabirai

by - Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Heading to Japan? 

Covering various parts of Japan can be daunting, especially if you are in regions not easily accessible such as the likes of Tokyo where major transportations are readily available. If you are new to car renting services, Tabirai Japan Car Rental removes the language barrier and promises to make it a breeze for you.

Tabirai Car Rental

This car rental company from Japan features full-fledged service in English. The website allows you to search for rental cars across major Japanese car rental companies at one glance with the relevant prices. The price listed is an "assured price" that includes everything — car rental charges, full gasoline pickup* and returns, car navigation system, ETC equipment (ETC card is not included), and consumption tax.
*All cars come in full tank of fuel upon pickup. However, customers will also be required to return the car with full tank of fuel

The website is definitely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Simply choose your desired dates, a destination for pickup (basically any prefecture in Japan.), a range of different model sizes catering to the number of sitting capacity and voila, you are ready to set off on your self-drive adventure.

Know What is Important? 

An English-speaking navigation system which really comes in handy for non-Japanese speakers. 

What is not included in the 'Tabirai Car Rental Reservation' price

- NOC compensation insurance fee (optional, as desired)
- ETC card (for the expressway) rental fee (around 300 yen)
- Highway/Expressway tolls

- Gasoline cost

Picking Up

You may choose to pick up your car from any airports in Japan and return it to another station, another prefecture or around a tourist destination.

Simply return the car to whichever offices you pick up from by the end of the rental period. 

Experience Ease and a Freedom

Experience driving at your own pace and exploring like a true local from the ease Tabirai's car rental services. I have always wanted to space out in my own world and drive around in a foreign country but the lack of overseas driving opportunities and an international license limits me. Not forgetting, with a car by your side you can get to those hard-to-reach places easily without the hassle and timekeeping schedules for public transports.

My next trip to Japan looks set with plans to engage Tabirai car rental services. 
How about yours?

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