Pantheon Silver Jewellery Catches Your Dream

by - Monday, June 19, 2017

Life is Too Short to Wear Boring Jewellery

Local designer and entrepreneur Carrie wanted to create something that's out of the ordinary from the mass-produced jewellery in the market. This designer came into the trade while looking for unique jewellery pieces for her bridesmaids; when she couldn't find any, one thing leads to the other and the rest is history. Armed with prior jewellery creation experiences, Carrie went on to create the Patheon Silver label, offering creative and beautiful jewellery pieces for women.
 Pantheon is designed for the modern woman who embraces multi-roles in life and wishes to exude confidence and happiness through the right, fitted piece of jewellery.

Wear the right jewellery and conquer the world!

Dress Up and Sparkle

Exude charm, feminism and confidence with the finest atelier pieces from Pantheon. Each piece is crafted with 925 silver, plated with 5% 18K gold and semi-precious stones and handmade by local craftsmen and designed with love.

90 Days Warranty | Annual Servicing | Exclusive Limited Pieces | Bespoke Services

The Dream Snare Necklace

I was totally captivated and it was love at first sight indeed when I met the Dream Snare Necklace. How can anyone not be? Inspired by the dream catcher, this necklace is specially designed to symbolise good luck and happiness, as well as to rid of all that harms. 
When you dress down in the warm weather, a statement accessory can bring out the dressier side in you.

Treat Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Besides online, you can now shop Pantheon at their newly opened store.
Now, time to go shopping!
Free worldwide shipping with purchases of SGD$150 and more

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