[Japan Tokyo Travel 2] Spring's Cherry Blossoms in Chidorigafuchi Park

by - Saturday, August 16, 2014

I am back with my 2nd post of my Tokyo travels and  it's gonna be filled with splashes of the beautiful blossoms~

Chidorigafuchi is a moat across the Imperial Palace and with it is the Chidorigafuchi Park famous for cherry blossoms viewing. Visited by millions yearly, this is a gorgeous place for cherry blossoms sighting!
 Rowing a boat during this season is extremely beautiful with all the blossoms around you, floating on the water. However the queue was long and average waiting time was 1 to 2 hours and also more expensive than usual. Well definitely. If you have time to spend, I definitely recommend you to try boating.

Here's where it all begins~ 

With my darling Sumika

Spring is such a pretty season, new beginnings everywhere.

Yes, this is it, the poster picture of Chidorigafuchi, where boats and blossoms meet in the moat, creating a spectacular lovely scene.
Spring related items~ such as sweets,snacks etc.

If you ever need a Sakura Guided Tour in English, arrangements can be made. 

Me again, posing with the blossoms wherever. Nose turning red due to the coldness, however it was pretty warm on that day we went. Nice cooling kind of warm, not the sweat drenching kind in Singapore. :)

Love this photo~~ 
I love my camera~~ Totally no editing to ALL the photos you are seeing here. Loving my Olympus Pen seriously.

When you are hungry from all the walking, of course you can't missed out food ata Spring carnival can you?

 We came across a fair selling surpise, surprise Indian delights, by natives who spoke fluent Japanese. *Envy* :) 

Here's what we bought while we ate at the road sides.

I have no idea the names, but this pan-fried bun like item was filled with potatoes and meat. Oozing with juiciness! 

Curry puff alike but much thicker skin and super duper Crispy!!! LOVE

 It's a melting-pot kind of world we are in now, so I guess these fairs served as a cultural exchange. Thumbs Up.

Moving on~~~ young and old, everyone is out for cherry blossoms viewing. Japanese are really hospitable and friendly. We were just walking by an elderly Japanese couple and I guessed upon hearing us speak English, they approached us and just started chatting! I was taken aback.. ahah but they were so amiable and sweet. They mentioned visiting Singapore some years back too- yes, they love MBS (Marina Bay Sands); MBS is such an icon of Singapore now.
Anyway, though as much as I love Korea, I have to say Koreans are not as warmhearted or polite as Japanese. That's for someone like me who hasn't been to Japan for the last 5 years and have instantly noticed the disparity between the locals of the 2 countries, given the fact that I have been to and fro Korea for the last 2 years. Of course not everyone, I do have awesome Korean friends but perhaps for the Korean public in general, people whom you don't know, that's the vibe I got. 
Just some thoughts. ^^

Row a boat, so romantic! You can be sticking your face to the blossoms, great photo opportunity.

 Moat Boating Area ahead

Wanna take a boat ride? Sure but first queue up. :) Waiting time 1 hr at least and there's only 1 boating operator. Business must be brisk.

There's a free guided tour to the palace grounds but advanced booking is required. Here's the Imperial Palace booking site. We managed to book but unfortunately was running late as we had such a leisurely fun time in Chidorigafuchi and didn't manage to get there on time. Booking however is easy and they will often follow up with you by email. The Imperial palace is on the other side of the moat and getting there might need some 20-30 mins worth of walking.

Okay, leaving Chidorigafuchi

 I simply follow my gal out... hahaha towards the subway station, crossing the street.

We walked along a quiet neighbouring area where estates are and only locals will know... it's a breathe of calm and contrast from the overflowing crowd at Chidorigafuchi

and soon... amazingly Hanzomon Station appeared out of nowhere~ I wouldn't even know if not for Sumika.

Directions to Chidorigafuchi: 5 minutes walk from  Kudanshita Station (Tokyo Metro Tozai line (Blue)/ on the Toei Shinjuku line) or Hanzomon Station  (on the Hanzomon subway line). 

Women's cabin~~ Only valid on weekdays till 930am and along certain lines.

So we bid Chidorigafuchi good bye.....

 Guess where we headed to next? Clue: Intersection crossing. * NEW POST coming up soon*

Here's part 1 of my Japan Travel, in case you missed it.

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