[Cafe hopping in Singapore] Patisserie G

by - Thursday, August 15, 2013

 Pasisserie G is a lovely cozy, little cafe located within Millenia Walk. If you don't know of its existence then you might just miss this simple- looking hideout. However, I think many people do know about them judging from their full-house situations.

Now that you know of it, remember to pay a visit to this place! They served wonderfully yummy cakes!! Much much in love with these little petites....

Macarons..... extremely pretty and look at those colours!! Taste? Thumbs up! My friend said it's even better than a certain 'L' brand. haha.

Brightly lit and fuss-free.

Apparently 1 of the best sellers, These vanilla cream sandwiched puffs come with caramelised candy-like top  and was a delight to tuck into. The toffee biscuit base adds crispiness and Oomph to the overall taste.

Too pretty so a shot no. 2

These were what we ordered..... drool....We were too busy judging the cakes based on their appearances, I forgot to note down the name and it was a treat for me so I forgot the pricing, but it should be between $7-9 each for their cakes.

Pitachio (green) and Yuzu -berry flavoured macaroons. $3 each.

This dome-shaped dark chocolate mud pie look alike is rich in chocolate and flavorful without being overly sweet. Absolute bliss.... ^_^

There are very limited seats of only about 4 full tables in this cafe. However there are counter bar seats and you can watch the staff brew coffee and stuff. Quite nice as well.

View from the counter bar.... 

So next time when you are in the city hall area, why not head on to Patisserie G? It's tea-time! 

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-40 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

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  1. Just looking at the photos makes me drool already, how much more when I am already there. Your shots are absolutely engaging. Thanks for sharing this, I'll pay a visit there soon. :)

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