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Power in A Bowl
How does an all-encompassing bowl of nutrients sound? 
The Ninja Bowl is your protein, carbo , fiber built-up and more. 
The portions are pretty much huge and substantial and priced at a comfortable entry pricing in the tens to twenties.
I was surprised to see it occupying the location where Department of Caffeine was previously. In place came the Ninja Bowl which sees a steady flow of customers on a weekend when we visited, hungry for a rice bowl meal. 
Pricing of all Rice Bowls comes without the 'rice'. I don't know why but add on $2 for Ninja Rice, Orzo ( pasta) or Garden Greens. 
$3 for Quinoa base.
All items on menu are NETT, with no additional GST or Service charges. 

Yasai Bowl $16
The only item on the menu with salmon. Yes, salmon is my weakness. 
So we had this bowl mixed in with osen eggs , tomatoes, sultana raisins and mixed leaves 
Huge chunks of succulent salmon were aplenty and made us happy. 
I like!! 

Kaisen Bowl $16
Pan-fried sweet scallops, chewy mussels mixed w mushrooms, carrots in a delish lemon butter sauce.  This fragrant bowl has the flavors of the sauteed ingredients seeped into the brown rice base. Sweet carrots and the mushroom give an overall smooth light texture to the lemon butter sauce rice base. 

Fancy French $16
This fancy  brioche  toast presented all us a visual delight. The taste however, was not as promising. Fig jam toast drizzled in ume-boshi  ( japanese pickled) plum honey sauce, decotated with slices of sweetened figs and grapes. There was nothing within the toast and sadly, the toast was not crispy nor even warm at the very least. The toppings and flavors were not enticing nor exciting enough for us and tasted well too jam-spread like, akin to the daily jam-bread-breakfast we have daily.  
Skip it, we say. 

Coconut Lemon Mint
Lemon, mint leaf n coconut shreds combined, pretty much the norm.

We say, stick to the good old Ninja Bowls.

Mon- Fri: 930am-9pm ( They have opened for dinner since July )
Sat- Sun: 9am-6pm


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