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Drink Quality Tea At Your Convenience

Craving some fragrant teas from the green highlands and crisp fresh air in Taiwan? Now you don’t have to travel far as these delicious, Taiwanese-produced beverages are right on Singapore's shores. Brewed from quality and the finest Assam tea leaves from the famed plantations in India, you can expect these tea beverages to be of excellent quality, using tea leaves from nature and organic farming techniques and harvests.

Look what I have below! 

In hot and humid Singapore, we are constantly on the lookout for thirst quenchers. T. Grand understands and has launched a NEW series of yummy cooling flavours with the addition of beneficial chia seeds. As you know, chia seeds providing multiple health benefits such as Omega, protein and calcium supplements which strengthen the heart and muscles. These new fruit fusions with chia seeds were seriously addictive and refreshing especially when you have them chilled. Available in 2 delicious flavours: Pineapple and Orange with Chia Seeds or Apple and Calamansi with Chia Seeds, in handy 500ml bottled beverages ( $2.40 each) providing all the vitamins necessary and are not overly sweet for the health-conscious you.
Drink up!

Milk Tea Your Way

If you are yearning for milk tea, T. Grand is also well known for their Assam Tea/Milk Tea range. These convenient milk tea packets are brewed from the same quality tea leaves and carry the smooth milk fragrance we all adore. Now you can buy and store them in your home fridge periodically! Available in packets or bottles with lip-smacking flavours like strawberry and original. Also available are the green tea and oolong tea flavours if you prefer to have your tea the original way.

Promotion: Assam Signature Original Milk Tea and Strawberry Milk Tea are now selling at $2.60 in 500ml for a set at all Cheers Supermarket till end April 2017!
The drinks are available at Redmart.com, selected Cheers outlets, Fairprice Express and Sheng Siong Supermarkets in Singapore.

Established in 2006, T.Grand International Co. Ltd is one of the leading beverage companies in Taiwan. And today, its products can be found conveniently all over Taiwan and in countries like Singapore, USA, Brunei, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Decade-long R&D has bear fruit with the launch of the brand's most successful beverages yet — Assam Milk Tea and Assam Black Tea.

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